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Caribbean Fort - UE4 Environment

This project was my final for Digital Design Aesthetics. I was tasked with designing and creating an environment using the Unreal Engine. Once the project was turned in, I took an extra week to refine the level and tweak areas that were discussed during critique. I was inspired by forts seen in games like Assassin's Creed Black Flag, Uncharted, and movies like Pirates of the Caribbean. However, I was limited to use only the assets provided by Epic in addition to other free, licensed material.

I took advantage of this project to learn as much as possible. I made my own ocean with the help from Epic's Ocean Plane Blueprint and I edited a few materials and particles. Critiques and comments are welcomed. Thanks for viewing!

Credits: Bell by MicroPasts on Sketchfab, Cannons by EvilClown on shareCG, and Palms by Nobiax on deviantART. Everything else was provided by Epic Games.

Colin rudd screen3
Colin rudd screen6
Colin rudd screen8
Colin rudd screen9
Colin rudd screen1
Colin rudd screen2
Colin rudd screen4
Colin rudd screen5
Colin rudd screen10
Colin rudd screen7